Mary D. Hume.

Mary D. Hume and Rogue River Bridge

Mary D. Hume and Rogue River Bridge. (Photographer: Rafael Escalios)

The Mary D. Hume was a steamer built at Gold Beach, Oregon in 1881, by R. D. Hume, a pioneer and early businessman in that area.

The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge, also known as the Rogue River Bridge  is 578.5 m (1,898 ft) long and consists of seven 70 m (230 ft) spans. It was dedicated on May 28, 1932 and named after Isaac Lee Patterson, the governor of Oregon from 1927 to 1929.


Meyers Creek Beach, OR.

Meyers Creek Beach

Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon. (Photographer: Rafael Escalios)

One of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Used in commercials produced by major automobile manufacturers. This framed photo 18’x24”wide is for sale at the Manley Art Center and Gallery in Brookings, OR.